* Request & analyze appropriate insurance bids
* 24 hour emergency response availability
* Provide legal document preparation assistance
* Monthly board meeting support
* Coordinate association meetings, prepare agendas, proxies an ballots, assist in elections.

* A/R preparation
* Fee and assessment collection
* Accounts payable processing
* Monthly and YTD financial statements
* Provide support during liens and foreclosures
* Process delinquency notifications
* Staff payroll, tax deposits, withholding, unemployment, workman's compensation, and year end statements.

Grounds Maintenance
* Mowing lawn areas
* Edging of sidewalks and curbs and weed eating
* Weeding of all areas
* All shrubs and plants will be trimmed
* Tree trimming
* Management of retention ponds and drainage culverts
* Pest control
* Sprinkler system management
* Parking area maintenance

* 24 hour on-call emergency services
* Enforce rules and regulations as specified by Board
* Recruit, hire, train and supervise maintenance staff
* Supervision of contractors/subcontractors
* Preventative maintenance and proactive servicing

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